Developing Essential Skills in Network Marketing with Stephane Page (Legacy Leadership 165)

“When I look at challenges like these, I think, OK, I’m just man to accomplish much greater things because now I’m put in front of a challenge that is greater than anyone I’ve faced in the past. So that gives me an opportunity to grow, to become a bigger leader. And so I just have to face it and it’s not about hiding from the team, your emotions, things like that. You can share with people, but then you have to make a bold statement no matter what’s going on.”

Scale Your 6-Figure Business with Sheryl Plouffe (Legacy Leadership 164)

“You can be successful in business and make a lot of money. Does that mean you’re successful in life? I don’t think so. To be successful, it has to be balanced. You have to be successful with your kids, with your wife, with your family, with your community before you are successful in business.”