Sharpen Your Skills with Our Training and Events

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Sharpen Your Skills with Our Training and Events

Stay in touch, remember where you left off, and see 

who you know – all in one place. 

No Credit Card Required

No matter how far are you on your career, there is always room for new skills and improvement.
We develop training, events and career coaching for all instances in a broad spectrum of professions.

Best Year Ever 2023

Our Best Year Ever 2023 course goes live December 1st!

Don’t stay in the same place any longer.

Make 2023 Your BEST Year Ever!


If you want to reach your goals that are most important to you, the work starts now!


Weekly Events

Office Hours - Wednesday

Join our Support Specialist, Don Morris, to get all your questions answered, learn a few tips and tricks, and network with other Contact Mapping users.


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Pro Events

Daily Launch

Every Monday through Friday is our Daily Launch, giving you motivation and support to launch your day right! This will help you get the forward movement in your business that you want to see.

Starting the Week - Weekly Launch

On Mondays we have Weekly Launch, where we have training related to our Monthly Theme, a weekly challenge to stretch in a new way, and a goal-setting time where you will set and share your intentions for activity in the week ahead. Daily Launch follows this session.

Finishing the week - Feedback Fridays!

Our chance to come together and reflect on the week that was! We celebrate the progress and wins that each one of us had during the week. Friday Feedback is highly interactive and a LOT of fun! Daily Launch follows this session.


The Coffee Shop Interview Masterclass

Could you use a little extra help and some examples of how to start using The Coffee Shop Interview to the fullest extent? We thought you might!


Contact Mapping Co-Founders Tom and Adrian Chenault created a special Masterclass that gives you everything you need to apply The Coffee Shop Interview and get results!


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