Building Culture & Duplication in Network Marketing with Dr. Luis Arriaza (Legacy Leadership 170)

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This Week’s Guest On Legacy Leadership Is Dr. Luis Arriaza


Dr. Luis Arriaza is a master of creating systems, culture, and duplication in network marketing. He often invokes Jim Rohn’s famous quote, “When the promise is clear, the price is easy.” 


Join us as we interview Dr. Arriaza on the keys to success that have helped him build a network marketing organization of 750,000+ distributors worldwide.


More about Dr. Luis:


Dr. Luis Arriaza grew up in a lower socioeconomic neighborhood in Southern California, South Central Los Angeles. He is the second son of hard-working immigrant parents, who always managed to provide for their family but not without difficulty.


Dr. Luis received his chiropractic doctorate in 1997. Together, with his beautiful wife Evelia, they built a successful chain of chiropractic centers, which in turn led them to training other chiropractic professionals.


In 2001 Dr. Arriaza was introduced to the industry of network marketing. He fell in love with the time freedom and the concept that in order for his family to do well financially, he would have to help others do well first.


He approached network marketing as a profession and sought to find a mentor that could teach him a system. Dr. Arriaza learned and mastered the network marketing systems taught to him. 


In 2010 Dr Luis formulated a liver detox system, and it wasn’t long before this revolutionary product and his experience in network marketing gave him and Evelia the opportunity to align with a giant of the industry, where he and Evelia have built the fastest growing team in the company. 


Today, Dr. Arriaza and Evelia have an organization of over 750,000 distributors spanning over seven countries and are in another phase of expansion and momentum. Dr. Arriaza’s strength lies in his ability to develop systems that are duplicatable and in discovering and developing people’s life potential through the science of Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, and sound Biblical truths. He believes anyone can change and transform their lives as long as their Promise Is Clear.


Dr. Luis resides in Southern California with his beautiful wife Evelia. They’ve been married 26 years and have three sons who are the light of their hearts, Luis Fabian (22), Isaiah Julian (16), and Elisha Adrian (14).

Resources From The Show: