AI and the Future of Authentic Communication w/ Justin Belobaba, Founder and CEO of Nowsite (Legacy Leadership 169)

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This Week’s Guest On Legacy Leadership Is Justin Belobaba


Is AI the silver bullet for communicating with prospects and customers? Or will it result in an avalanche of mediocre marketing messages that cause customers to tune out more than ever before?


This week on Legacy Leadership, Justin Belobaba, Adrian Chenault, and Tom Chenault talk about why AI is the future and how to make it your ally and not your confusing enemy.


Justin Belobaba is the visionary behind Nowsite and a leader in bringing the benefits of AI to the network marketing profession and beyond. 

Justin is the Founder & CEO of Nowsite. He is a serial tech entrepreneur with three successful exits (2 via private equity, 1 via IPO), and was named Canadian Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard and Oxford, a Crossfit enthusiast, and proud dad of three awesome little boys.


Nowsite is headquartered in Toronto, and was twice named in the Top 10 fastest growing companies in Canada. Our mission is to provide a simple, highly effective sales and marketing platform to empower 400 million sole proprietors worldwide to achieve their business goals.

Resources From The Show: