Mastering Motivation & Mindset w/ Marc Accetta (Legacy Leadership 173)

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This Week’s Guest On Legacy Leadership Is Marc Accetta


Marc Accetta was a top leader in multiple network marketing companies before becoming so dynamic from the stage that he shifted to training full-time.


Join us for a powerful conversation on what 30 years of mentoring top leaders in network marketing has taught him about motivation, mindset, and achieving success as an entrepreneur.


About Marc:


With over 30 years of network marketing experience and wisdom, Marc Accetta has traveled to more than 40 countries on six different continents to train 1 million+ distributors on the skillsets to become a professional in this industry. 


Marc has been a top Network Marketing leader for over two decades and has reached the highest rank in every company he’s been with. He’s been a Top 10 Income Earner in 3 of 4 companies. As one of the leading voices on mindset and mastery, Marc inspires and motivates his audiences to achieve levels of success they have only dreamed of.


Marc’s signature event, “A View From the Edge” is what sets him apart from many other speakers, where he mixes entertainment and education to create an event that the attendees truly never forget.


To date, Marc has trained thousands of distributors that have each earned $100,000 in commissions, and more than 100 distributors who have exceeded $1,000,000 in commissions.