A Vision & A Voice For the Future with Richard Brooke (Legacy Leadership 147)

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“Relationships are our responsibility. It is our responsibility to nurture them. It is 100% x 100% Which means that our outreach, our giving, our serving, our nurturing, our remembering, our sending, that message has to come, from knowing that this is how we live our life, this is our philosophy.


“It’s not based on what are you gonna do for me? Like I’m only reaching out to people that I’m trying to recruit, or I’m only reaching out to people that send me back a 100% of the same kinda love. No, it can’t be that way. I mean, probably 95% of the people that we reach out to, they’re not in a place where they can generate that kind of reciprocal 100%.


“But we might be responsible for reinventing and shifting them and having them have an epiphany about who they are and what their life can be about by continuing to reach out. Whether we get anything in response or not, it’s our 100% responsibility to nurture those relationships.

– Richard Brooke


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