Do What You Love with Kate Volman (Legacy Leadership 152)

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“We feel alive when we create. And so  in the book, I share the seven myths, stopping us from exploring our creative pursuits. Our creative pursuits are those soulful activities that bring joy to our life. And they’re different for everyone, right? Dance, sing, photography, pottery, painting, art, poetry, whatever it is, and you pick them.

And so often, we let those things go when we become an adult and we have a job and we have all the responsibilities and the kids and all the things, but we forget how important it is, to pursue our passions. Because our passions, those creative pursuits, they bring so much joy and they spill into other areas of our lives.

They help us become a better team member and parent and significant other, and all of these things. And so we’ve, when we’re not pursuing that, that’s when we feel out of alignment. That’s when we feel like something’s missing in our lives.”

– Kate Volman


Find Kate Volman’s book “Do What You Love” here.