The Play Maker: Bob Beaudine (Legacy Leadership 153)

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“We have 69% of the country who believe that a bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work. We have 80% of the country are not using their number one talent. We had 40 million people resign during the whole aspect of the, of the pandemic, and they haven’t really found their way back.


And they were all, you know, silenced and they were all quieted and they all couldn’t do anything. They have no friends. “We’re all friendly, but we don’t have friends.”


And so what happens is, the first thing that I’m gonna get them do is I’m gonna hug them right off. and, and that just changes the, the tone of this first meeting. And then I’m gonna turn and say, Hey, listen, I wanna just tell you how fantastic you are. I wanna tell you the all the good things. I mean, everybody wants to talk about all the bad things. I wanna talk about all the good. I wanna remind you who you are.”

РBob Beaudine