Tom Chenault on the “A Drink With Derek” Podcast

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A 32-year sober recovering alcoholic walks into a bar…

That’s about the setup for Tom’s episode on this new episode of “A Drink With Derek”! Derek Richards is a dear friend and a hilarious comedian, and it was so much fun to have this conversation.

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Transforming from an alcoholic who almost landed his plane in a K-Mart parking lot to being recognized as a top 25 Network Marketer and highly sought after industry trainer, Tom Chenault, has A Drink With Derek. This insanely energetic, honest, engaging speaker takes you on a wild ride talking about his days as a party animal, to going to blows with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) on a radio interview, to creating an insanely successful home based business. Check out his radio show, follow him on social media via Hilarious and motivating.